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Weems Brothers is the premier contractor for excavation, grading, and site preparation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and beyond. For three generations, our land construction division has been improving the landscape by offering a wide range of services to fit the needs of every client. Whether it’s a small backyard cleanup project or a large development clearing, we adapt to each site’s unique requirements. Our excavation and grading work creates a level base for a strong foundation. We use precision equipment and instruments to ensure the accuracy of our work and know that attention to detail saves the customer time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Got a water drainage issue? Whether it is standing water in your yard or clogged ditches that restrict flow, we have the answer. From simple grading projects to complex water flow issues, our designs incorporate the latest water management technology such as durable plastic catch basins, directional check valves, and reinforced corrugated plastic culverts. Worried about the mess? Our experts determine the best strategy for getting in and getting out without leaving behind an eyesore. We also make every effort not to over-excavate or re-work a job which would require the use of more materials and longer completion times.


Demolition and hard surface removal are components of many of our projects either as a stand-alone or additional service. Returning a structure to flat dirt is a complex and dangerous task which is not recommended to be completed by inexperienced layman. Weems Brothers employs a team of highly trained professionals in demolition. Our experienced operators use heavy machinery and specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently while maintaining a high level of risk management. Safety and precision are our top priorities in order to prevent accidents and unintended damage. We make the demolition process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients.

A typical demolition job performed by us will include a detailed, custom-tailored plan based on a project’s specific needs. We’ll perform a full assessment of the site and surrounding areas, consider environmental concerns, and make plans for the clean-up. When possible and job-specific, recycling practices and green techniques will be used for the demolished materials. If the site contains hazardous materials, contaminated soil or other health hazards, we will safely remove them and remediate the site. Our demolition clients can focus on what’s most important knowing that Weems Brothers is certified, licensed, and properly insured to get the job done.

Driveways & Roads

Weems Brothers designs, installs, and maintains driveways and roads. We provide Maryland residents with visually appealing, high-quality driveways for accessing their properties. Our designs match the property style and surroundings and include a variety of options such as stone, asphalt, poured concrete, and more.

Drainage & Culverts

Whether it is standing water in your yard or clogged ditches that restrict flow, we have the answer to your drainage problem. Our designs incorporate the latest water management technology like durable plastic catch basins, directional check valves, and reinforced corrugated plastic culverts. We are committed to detail and take pride in a job well done.

Clearing & Demolition

Do you need a wooded lot cleared for new construction? Do you have an old house, building, or outbuilding that stands in the way of a new project? Call the Weems Team. We have the equipment and the know how to safely complete the project.

Snow Removal

We have been clearing snow for Talbot County commercial and residential customers for years. We pride ourselves on being responsive and thorough. We clear parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. Even the biggest snowfalls are no match for our manpower and equipment. Call today to get your name or business on our snow removal list.

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